Alum News - SearchAlum News provides members with a place to share information (in several different categories) about what is going on in their lives.  Use the criteria below to search for the members whose notes you would like to read.

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To Search for Alum News:
1. Specify a set of search criteria.  To select a criterion for use in your search, click the the checkbox to the left of its filter name.  You must select at least one Category to conduct a search. 
2. Make any selections or provide any text required by the selected criteria.
3. Click Search Alum News.
NOTE: Clicking the Search Alum News button without defining criteria will generate a list of all existing and approved Class Notes.

To Submit Alum News:
To add a class note, click Add Alum News.
NOTE:  If you have recently added Alum News, it is possible that you will not see it in the results immediately.  Each Community has its own rules and time frames regarding Administrator approval of member-submitted content. 

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