Your Alumni Association

Even after graduation, you can continue your connection with Webster University through the Alumni Association.  Every student is automatically a member of the Alumni Association upon graduation.  There are no dues.  Since 1923, the Alumni Association has been connecting graduates to one another and their alma mater.  We welcome you to stay connected with the University and to a network of 157,000+ Webster alumni worldwide.

The Mission of the Alumni Association

One of the core strengths of Webster University is its over 157,000 alumni located around the world. Webster University graduates automatically become members of the Alumni Association upon graduation.  There is no membership fee or registration process.  The Alumni Association operates within the framework of its Constitution and By-Laws, as approved by the Webster University Board of Trustees.  The Alumni Association is organized for the following purposes:
  1. To articulate the mission and activities, programs and needs of the University to alumni.
  2. To offer opportunities for personal and professional growth of the University’s alumni.
  3. To foster relationships among alumni, students and faculty.
  4. To recognize and increase visibility of alumni accomplishments and achievements within their communities and the University.
  5. To promote alumni contributions of time, talent and financial support to the University.
  6. To serve the needs of the alumni with special interests within the framework of the Association.
  7. To focus the efforts of alumni commitment of service to others.

The Alumni Board of Directors

The global community is represented by an elected Board of Directors (the Alumni Board) and appointed members ex officio, which comprise of both graduate and undergraduate alumni, as well as regional and international alumni.  These volunteers advise the Alumni Programs office and are charged with the responsibility of carrying out programs of the Alumni Association. 

During a two-year term, service involves five meetings per year.  The board is divided into committees that typically focus on alumni benefits, homecoming/reunion, career advancement, alumni awards, community service, and student outreach.

Find out who represents the Alumni Board of Directors.