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The African-American Alumni Chapter 



AAAC Leadership
(Pictured from left to right)
Darrell Yates MA '00, Roslyn Grant MA '97, Mitchelle Price MBA '93,
Keith Lanier '91, Diane McGee MBA '98 and Chris Thomas '84.

AAAC Vision
To be a proactive leader and catalyst in the development of
Webster University alumni, students, and local and global communities.

AAAC Mission
To contribute to the development of Webster University,
we will strive to grow the student population, increase the endowment,
and build and strengthen corporate contacts.

To implement creative and innovative methods to
engage and motivate alumni participation via time, talent and treasure.

To serve as alumni ambassadors to current and potential Webster students
by providing educational, professional, and financial resources.

To be visible by providing community service,
social activities, and cultural opportunities in the local and
global Webster communities.

Chapter Officers

Darrell Yates MA'00 - deyates@yahoo.com

Vice President
Vanessa Davis MA'04

Diane McGee MBA'98

Past Presidents
Chris Thomas '84
Diane McGee MBA '98

Roslyn Grant MA '97

Tracy White MBA '02
Lita Pener MA '00
Keith Lanier '91
Melba Moore Strong '89
Donnell Smith '89